• Google Stadia controller's wireless capability will be limited at launch (

    10/17/2019 06:15 AM

    If you were planning to play Stadia games on your computer or phone while using its official controller, you'll have to get used to being tethered to your device with a USB-C cable. The Google Stadia controller's wireless capability will only work on...

  • Master & Dynamic's MW07 Plus are much-improved true wireless earbuds (

    10/17/2019 04:00 AM

    Master & Dynamic has a stellar reputation for great-sounding headphones, and its set of first true wireless earbuds, the MW07, was no exception. Despite that audio quality and several more handy features, the MW07 suffered from a couple key issue...

  • Master & Dynamic's MW07 Go is a $199 AirPod alternative (

    10/17/2019 04:00 AM

    Apple wasn't first to produce true wireless earbuds, but the company's AirPods sit atop the sales charts. In order to compete in terms of cost, companies have introduced more affordable options at $200 or less. At $199 and $159, AirPods are cheaper t...

  • California's statewide earthquake alert system launches Thursday (

    10/17/2019 03:54 AM

    In Mexico and Japan, warning systems that send out alerts for seismic events have been in place for years, but a similar setup for California has been long-delayed. Finally, on Thursday the first statewide Earthquake Early Warning System will go onli...

  • Skydio's station lets self-flying drones work around the clock (

    10/17/2019 02:38 AM

    Skydio wants to make its self-flying drone useful to companies who want drones in the air at all times. It just revealed a Skydio 2 Dock system that lets the drone charge itself and, ideally, run with virtually no human intervention. The robotic fl...

  • BILL-E is a cute robot that builds structures block by block (

    10/17/2019 01:26 AM

    A new robotics breakthrough could revolutionalize how we build everything from airplanes to bridges and even massive superstructures. A team of researchers at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology's Center for Bits and Atoms have created a new t...

  • Netflix is turning the classic comic book 'Bone' into a series (

    10/17/2019 12:10 AM

    One of the comic book world's best-known series is finally coming to screens. Netflix has secured the rights to Jeff Smith's classic Bone, and intends to create an animated kids' series that covers the Bone cousins' trek through the desert. Smith t...

  • Mark Zuckerberg will stream a speech on ‘free expression’ Thursday (

    10/16/2019 10:53 PM

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is planning to give a speech Thursday about his views on free expression and voice. Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post that it's the "most comprehensive take I've written about my views, why I believe voice is important,...

  • ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ gathered location data while users slept (

    10/16/2019 09:54 PM

    It's no secret that games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokémon Go track their users' locations. But it can be alarming to see just how much data companies like Niantic have. As part of an extensive report on how tech companies are mapp...

  • Yahoo is shutting down its Groups website and deleting all content (

    10/16/2019 09:25 PM

    Yahoo (owned by Engadget's parent company Verizon) is phasing out one its longest-standing features. The internet pioneer is closing the Yahoo Groups website in a two-phase process that will effectively see it disappear. You'll lose the ability to...

  • Google discontinues Clips, the AI-powered camera you forgot about (

    10/16/2019 08:44 PM

    While Google was busy showcasing its latest devices yesterday, it was also, more quietly, pulling the plug on a few others. Today, it confirmed that it has removed its Clips camera from the Google Store.

  • Netflix grows to 158 million subscribers as Disney+ looms (

    10/16/2019 08:35 PM

    Netflix just released its results for Q3 in 2019 (PDF), showing that it added slightly fewer subscribers (6.77 million) than the 7 million it anticipated, while still notching an all-time record for the quarter. The company cited lower retention rate...

  • Japanese airline's robots could let the elderly 'travel' from home (

    10/16/2019 07:58 PM

    If your inability to travel prevents you from embarking on a dream vacation, a robot might one day stand in your place. Japan's All Nippon Airways has unveiled plans to deploy 1,000 "Newme" telepresence robots as surrogates for people whose health pr...

  • Virgin Galactic passengers will wear these Under Armour spacesuits (

    10/16/2019 07:41 PM

    Yesterday, NASA revealed the spacesuits its astronauts will wear on future Moon and Mars missions. They're impressive but clunky and a little heavy-handed on the patriotic theme. As you might expect, commercial space travel will be a bit more stylish...

  • Showtime is turning the story of Uber into a TV series (

    10/16/2019 06:59 PM

    It seems Showtime reckons the turbulent behind-the-scenes story of Uber is good fodder for a TV show. It's developing a limited series about the ups and downs of the ridesharing company. Billions co-creators Brian Koppelman and David Levien will writ...

  • The FCC voted to approve the T-Mobile-Sprint merger (

    10/16/2019 06:30 PM

    Today, the FCC formally approved the contested T-Mobile and Sprint merger, The Verge reports. But commissioners are still speaking out. Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Geoffrey Starks released statements explaining their decisions to vote again...

  • You can tell Alexa to pay your bills (if you're in India) (

    10/16/2019 06:11 PM

    Amazon Pay users in India can now ask Alexa to pay their utility, internet, mobile and TV bills, according to TechCrunch. Indian Amazon Pay users can take advantage of the cross-platform functionality with any Alexa-enabled device, not just first-par...

  • 'PUBG' season 5 will have throwable items and weapons (

    10/16/2019 05:58 PM

    Season 5 of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is about to get underway, and PUBG Corp has offered some details on what's in store. One of the bigger additions is spike traps, which you can place in the path of an enemy car to pop the tires.

  • Law enforcement shuts down largest known child porn site on the dark web (

    10/16/2019 05:45 PM

    The US just scored a significant coup against crime on the dark web. Federal agents and international partners have taken down Welcome To Video, believed to be the largest child pornography darknet site to date based on its sheer volume of content....

  • Moto G8 Plus may borrow features from higher-end phones (

    10/16/2019 05:41 PM

    The Moto G7 family is barely months old, but that apparently isn't stopping Motorola from readying a quick follow up. Both WinFuture and Mobilkopen claim to have leaks of Moto G8 devices, and the headlining Moto G8 Plus appears to borrow features fr...

  • Google needs a sustainable phone moonshot (

    10/16/2019 05:30 PM

    "Developing sustainable solutions to mass production and consumption is one of the biggest challenges we face today as an industry," Rick Osterloh, Google's senior vice president for devices and services said onstage yesterday. "It impacts all of us...

  • Hulu revamp uses 'like' and 'dislike' buttons to personalize suggestions (

    10/16/2019 05:07 PM

    Hulu is determined to improve its recommendations, and one of its biggest upgrades will seem remarkably familiar to some. It's adding Netflix-style "like" and "dislike" buttons to indicate that you'd either like to see similar titles or never to see...

  • Uber is adding electric mopeds to its app in Paris (

    10/16/2019 04:54 PM

    Beginning next month, Uber users in Paris will be able to book trips on Cityscoot's electric mopeds through the app. This marks the first time Uber has offered e-mopeds through its app, and the company says it's part of its goal to become a one-stop...

  • Volvo unveils the XC40 EV, its first full-electric vehicle (

    10/16/2019 04:46 PM

    Not to be outdone by its electrified-performance sibling Polestar, Volvo today unveiled its all-wheel-drive (AWD) XC40 Recharge pure EV at an event in Los Angeles. The car looks exactly like its gas-powered counterpart and will house a 78kWh battery...

  • Gigantamax Pikachu is coming to ‘Pokémon Sword’ and ‘Shield’ (

    10/16/2019 04:39 PM

    We know that Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will feature a new mechanic called Gigantamaxing, which will turn certain creatures into giant forms and give them a special move. Today, Nintendo revealed the Gigantamax forms for some of t...

  • Max Does Europe (

    12/31/2015 06:20 AM


    You've made it to one of the longest blog posts I may ever write. So long that I'd consider it more of a short novel rather than a single blog post. If you're more of a picture person head over to or my Facebook page for all the images from my trip (including ones not shown here). Alternatively, find me, buy me a beer and sit back and relax while I tell you the ...

  • Rendering 12,000 Image Albums at Imgur (

    09/14/2015 05:12 PM

    Today marks a great day for wallpaper enthusiasts everywhere. Today's the day a newly designed Imgur launches, and with it comes some great performance improvements. My favorite is our new way to load giant albums without ridiculous lag. To put this new algorithm to the test I'm going to compare the perceived load speed of this 12,000 image album to what was previously on the site.


    • Utilized React.js more
    • Only render DOM elements that are in the ...

  • My Experience Making My First Android App (

    07/15/2014 04:23 AM

    Like too many people these days I tend to spend a lot of time on my phone. It's a tough habit to quit. So is playing DotA, my favorite game. Allow me to take you back over the past 3 weeks of getting to know Android development (I'll try to skip through some of the boring parts).

    The Start (3 weeks ago)

    With the largest e-sports tournament to date kicking off in a few weeks I saw an opportunity to corner ...

  • From 0 To 500 Users In 7 Days (

    03/17/2014 03:00 AM

    I recently launched an idea I had been thinking about for quite some time called Problem of the Day. If you haven't checked it out the basic run down is a new programming or logic puzzle every Monday through Friday. Most of the problems are meant to be solvable over breakfast, lunch, or whenever you have some free time.

    My goal for this post is to give you some ideas on what I did for my launch so that you can see ...

  • Problem of the Day (

    03/05/2014 05:35 PM

    I seem to be in to launching things on my birthday. I bought the domain for this site on my birthday and I started work on a site called Problem of the Day which just officially launched today. If you're in to logic puzzles and short programming problems check it out

    This site was the first time I needed to send out e-mails in mass quantities. I ended up going with Mandrill and couldn't be happier. If ...